While requesting custom cabinetry can seem like an intimidating process, Dan will work with you individually to ensure your comfort with the process, the design and the end product. His direct, personal approach to achieving your custom needs is a relief to many customers, helping them to understand the process and knowing what to expect so that there are no surprises along the way. For most jobs, the general process is as follows
  1. Initial meeting and consultation. During this meeting Dan will work to learn about your kitchen, perform an initial measurement take the time to learn about your needs and concerns.

  2. Dan will then develop some initial drawings and options to provide you with ideas and concepts to meet your individual needs. These drawings will help you to begin to envision how your solution will come to meet your needs both aesthetically and functionally. These drawings each also come with price ranges to begin to help you shape your expectations about project costs and results.

  3. Presentation of final drawings. Dan will blend the input from the previous two meetings into a final drawing that will ultimately be the blueprint for your custom solution. This final drawing will also provide you with the final bid on the development of this solution. Acceptance of this final drawing will then enable you to move forward, working directly with Dan to choose your wood styles, colors and other related materials.

  4. Setting a start date. Dan will work with you to schedule a start date and work times that suits your busy schedule.

  5. On the start date. Dan will bring over a contract and collect a deposit for half of the project amount. This will permit Dan to purchase the materials that are necessary for your project. During installation, Dan will then request an additional 25% of the project cost. Then, upon completion and your satisfaction, Dan will collect the final 25% of the cost.

  6. Final walkthrough. After the work is complete, Dan will schedule a final walkthrough with you to discuss the features and examine the workmanship of the solution put in place to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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