Nancy W. needed to re-model her 25-year-old kitchen to update the cabinets, make room for her appliances and increase her limited storage space. Dan created a series of custom drawings, which offered Nancy the ability to choose the elements that best fit her vision. Agreeing to a common vision, Dan worked with Nancy to choose colors and materials that would maximize aesthetics and durability, and began installation. To talk to Nancy about her feelings about the project, contact Dan.

Gwen R. needed to increase storage space and needed serving solutions from her dining area. Gwen contacted Dan to remodel her kitchen and tie the serving space additions into the look and feel of the new kitchen. Dan presented them with drawings and wood samples to match color and grain types. To talk to Gwen about her feelings about the project, contact Dan.

Lenny D. had a limited office workspace and needed a custom solution that would enable him to maintain the functionality of his computer needs, but leave the area looking uncluttered and neat. Lenny asked Dan to build a desk and cabinet unit that would fit into the cathedral loft workspace. Dan designed a custom cabinet that offered roll-away storage of printers and other peripherals, offering additional workspace for paperwork and filing. To talk to Lenny about his feelings about the project, contact Dan.

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